The ShopSmart Story

Established in November 2000, ShopSmart Inc was the first warehouse membership club in Barbados.

It opened its doors at its headquarters in Holders Hill, St. James and offered bulk packaged everyday items at tremendous savings to its members. Great pride was taken in our motto of “So much for so little” and soon a wider variety of high quality merchandise was made available to our members at affordable prices. The list included; electronic goods, appliances, furniture, household supplies, detergents, plastic containers, plastic chairs, bicycles and food items.

This 100% Barbadian owned company has experienced significant growth, not only in terms of the variety of products, but in membership. In November 2003 an additional store to our flagship Holders Hill branch was opened in Fairchild Street, and was subsequently relocated to Cheapside Rd. Bridgetown

At Shopsmart Inc we strive to be market leaders and innovators.

“The only thing that is constant is change” –Heraclitus

With innovation come new ideas; new solutions to better adapt to the changing times. Shopsmart Inc moved away from its membership-only business model and welcomed everyone to visit any of our six(6) locations to shop “Card or no Card”. Members continue to enjoy great savings with their card at all the locations.

With a team of over 100 employees, we stay committed to providing excellent customer service and high quality goods. As a 100% Barbadian owned company, “your buck stops here”. All of our employees are Barbadian residents. We purchase goods and services from many small local suppliers and we operate on the principle of philanthropy to assist the more vulnerable within our communities. We believe our success is your success and therefore stay committed to supporting our Barbadian society.


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Discover ShopSmart's Journey

November 2000
First warehouse membership club open in Barbados
November 2003
Fairchild Street Club Store opened
Fairchild Street Club store relocated to Cheapside.
Introducing the ShopSmart Express locations, starting with Brittons Hill and Worthing
August 2019
Partnership with Barbados Public Workers' Co-operative Credit Union Ltd offering free membership to BPWCCUL members and introducing financing via the credit union for large items.
November 2020
Celebrating 20 years of serving the Barbadian public

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